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SEPA will continue to seek to work proactively with the farming community in the area. A farmer who was fined £6,000 last year for causing pollution to the Ebrie Burn, a tributary of the River Ythan in Aberdeenshire, has had his fine reduced to £2,000 following an appeal to the High Court against his sentence. Mr Albert Brown of Mitchellhill Farm, New Deer was originally sentenced at Peterhead Sheriff Court in December 2000 after he admitted a charge under section 30F(1) of the Control of Pollution Act 1974. The incident occured on 9 May 2000 when Mr Brown left a fuelling operation unattended and diesel oil entered the Ebrie Burn.

An estimated two million small, insect-eating seo company bats live in the museum’s roof and are thought to be the largest population to inhabit a building anywhere in the world. But, while the bats have become an attraction to visitors in themselves, their droppings or guano is causing problems. The guano becomes powdery and falls through the slats during the dry season to settle on centuries-old statues and paintings, he said. If left there, the guano turns acidic and begins eating away at the priceless artwork.

The museum collects and sells the guano to raise funds, however the income from this is being spent on cleaning it up and spraying expensive insecticides to ward off the bloodsucking fleas that accompany the bats. When museum officials suggested a few years ago that they wanted to exterminate the nocturnal creatures, animal-lovers and conservationists protested.

The latest solution is a project which would include the construction of a concrete ceiling, repairs to the leaking roof and the installation of a new lighting system inside the museum.SEPA is very active in schemes to prevent fly tipping, but this recent story from Stirling highlighted how rubbish can be life-saving. He would have plunged 200 feet down the cliff, but instead landed on a bin bag which was caught in a tangle of ivy on the rocks less than ten feet from the top almost certainly saving his life.